Tuesday, 17 February 2015


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Even after years of operations by world renowned brands in city, still many 

buyers are not able to select good laser printing solutions, specially small office

and small commercial usage buyers.

In addition to word of mouth suggested solutions do consider printer selection 
based on following:
       a. Work volume per month
       b. Paper Size e.g. A4 / Legal and A3 size
       c. Color or Black & White
       d. User / Eco Friendly Operations 
       e. Costs - Purchase / EMI and later operating

In general if A4 printing is more than 100 pages per day then digital 

copier based laser engine is widely accepted. 

Today, most of the laser printer users are buying compatible / sub-standard

toner cartridges for printing. They remain unaware of the fact that some of the 

brands have introduced OEM(original equipment manufacturer) black and white 

toner refill kits. These refill kits are user-eco-friendly and come handy for small 

office and home usage printer buyers. They save good amount of costs without 

compromising on quality. 

Do check for availability of such OEM refills kits when you are buying new 

printer or can check for your existing printer as well.

Some of the brands are also offering easy exchange to existing A4 / A3 

size machines. So do ask for company exchange offers which are very genuine 

and cost savers.

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